Tourist Tax

The Municipality of San Bartolomeo al Mare has decided that starting this year, following the example of neighboring municipalities, a tourist tax will be applied. Accommodation facilities will only act as tax collectors, and the tax will be paid and managed directly by the Municipality of San Bartolomeo to “enhance tourism services: cleaning, urban decoration, new events, tourism promotion.”

Period of Applicability:

For overnight stays from 1.4.2024 to 30.10.2024

Cost (for stays in 3-star hotels):

€ 1.00 per overnight stay per person, not included in the room rate

The tourist tax is applicable only for the first 7 days of the vacation


For overnight stays of children up to 14 years old, the tax is not due, but there are also other cases of exemption:

– persons assisting patients admitted to healthcare facilities located in the municipal area, for one companion per patient;
– personnel belonging to state, provincial, or local armed forces or corps, as well as the national fire brigade and civil protection who stay for service needs;
– bus drivers and tour guides assisting organized groups from travel and tourism agencies under a single booking;
– employees of accommodation facilities who stay in the accommodation facilities located in the Municipality of San Bartolomeo al Mare in the exercise of their work functions;
– students undertaking internships at accommodation facilities;
– persons with a disability of at least 80